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Our family has been taking our vehicles to United Automotive for years. Our most recent experience was more than “great.” Alittle background information: We have a 2010 Town & Country Touring. About 1 year ago we had the dealer install a dealer hitch to haul bikes. Shortly after installation, our vehicle started to make loud vibrating noises in the back end of the van. We took the vehicle back to the dealer 2 times, and the second time we were told that the vibrating noise was caused by the hitch rubbing against the air conditioner lines. When we inquired about the possibilitity of the air conditioner line having a problem in the future because of the rubbing, we got a shrug and were told they could TRY to fix it if we wanted to spend $150. So, THEY installed THEIR brand of hitch on THEIR make of vehicle, and it was our problem for their poor installation.
Here is where United Automotive comes into play. We took our Touring in for a oil change and asked them to take a look at the vibrating noise, if there was anything they could do about it and give us an estimate of cost to repair. We returned to pick up the vehicle after the oil change, United Automotive said the hitch was vibrating against the muffler. They adjusted the muffler so it wasn’t sitting up against the hitch at no cost to us. It has been 6 weeks and the loud vibrating noise has not returned.
4) United Automotive Tech is my new service center. I was advised by another business if Fargo to replace a part valued over $500.00 – a friend suggested a 2nd opinion so I went to United Automotive Tech – YUP – you guessed it – WRONG information. All I needed was a new battery. They have saved me time and money and the customer service is AWESOME! They get me in and have follow up phone calls to make certain everything is working fine. I have since referred ALL of my friends, relatives and customers to use their service.


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United Automotive Tech Center is a locally owned Fargo, ND business that services and repairs all makes of vehicles, domestic & imported. All of United Automotive Tech Center technicians have been ASE certified.