United Automotive Tech center did an awesome job for me.My 2008 Ford Focus needed the cruise control turned on in the cars computer. Luther Ford in Fargo said no way, and if you want cruise we sell it in the parts shop for 400 dollars plus install labor. I said no my car has cruise on it, and you just need to tell the computer to enable it. All ’08 -’11 focus’s have cruise installed from the factory, all you really need to do is get a new steering wheel with the controls on it, so I did. Ford realized that they weren’t making money this way, so they told the service department to stop enabling the cruise because they want their $600. Well sorry you made a bad decision ford, its my car. And it appears that other people have the technology and know how. Thanks guys down at United Automotive tech center. Able to do more than the dealer will do! All the same tools, training, know how. Without the control of the vehicle manufacturer.

As a woman, finding a reputable and honest shop can be sketchy at best. I’ve dealt with condescending up-selling and dishonesty at it’s finest in this town. Not at United Automotive though. Each and every time I have brought my vehicle(s) there, John has been honest and kind. He doesn’t ever try to pressure me into unnecessary repair work and he NEVER makes me feel guilty for not getting work done I can’t afford. Go here! They are the best!

Our family has been taking our vehicles to United Automotive for years. Our most recent experience was more than “great.” A little background information: We have a 2010 Town & Country Touring. About 1 year ago we had the dealer install a dealer hitch to haul bikes. Shortly after installation, our vehicle started to make loud vibrating noises in the back end of the van. We took the vehicle back to the dealer 2 times, and the second time we were told that the vibrating noise was caused by the hitch rubbing against the air conditioner lines. When we inquired about the possibility of the air conditioner line having a problem in the future because of the rubbing, we got a shrug and were told they could TRY to fix it if we wanted to spend $150. So, THEY installed THEIR brand of hitch on THEIR make of vehicle, and it was our problem for their poor installation.
Here is where United Automotive comes into play. We took our Touring in for a oil change and asked them to take a look at the vibrating noise, if there was anything they could do about it and give us an estimate of cost to repair. We returned to pick up the vehicle after the oil change, United Automotive said the hitch was vibrating against the muffler. They adjusted the muffler so it wasn’t sitting up against the hitch at no cost to us. It has been 6 weeks and the loud vibrating noise has not returned.

United Automotive Tech is my new service center. I was advised by another business if Fargo to replace a part valued over $500.00 – a friend suggested a 2nd opinion so I went to United Automotive Tech – YUP – you guessed it – WRONG information. All I needed was a new battery. They have saved me time and money and the customer service is AWESOME! They get me in and have follow up phone calls to make certain everything is working fine. I have since referred ALL of my friends, relatives and customers to use their service.

I thought the service was fast and professional. Keep it up.

You are awesome! I blew a radiator hose at 5:45 PM and they bent over backward and stayed late to help me out! Fantastic customer service!

We have had 5 different visits with multiple vehicles in the past year. Customer service way above what I expected. all personnel were very helpful. Outstanding Service!!

We have been going there for a while and they are very good at what they do. You never have to take it back to have the same work done.

They were very thorough.

For most of what they do, they are the only other shop that can do the work besides the dealership.

I thought they did a good job on the car and they were upfront and honest about the work that needed to be done.

Every time I go there, I am welcomed and greeted, and when I leave I am told I am welcomed to come back. They always take care of it. All the people have been very good and I appreciate their service.

I have been going there for years. They always fix it right the first time.

Happy with what they did for me.

They gave good service, got it done fast, fixed the problem.

I think that I got really good service, I just don’t know the value of the repairs because I don’t know how much it should cost. But you get what you pay for.

I had an electrical problem. Within two hours it was successfully diagnosed and I had other people previously that could not successfully diagnose what was going on with it. I think because the competency of the service was excellent. I feel that they didn’t try to melt me. They diagnosed the problem and fixed it. The guy said I have never seen this before.

It was absolutely perfect service, got me in immediately, they were polite. I was with my family going to Minneapolis, got me in first thing in the morning. It was very good service.

Pretty good service. The folks do good work. They do good work, provide good service, communicate.

I have been using them for a long time, and they can be trusted.

I have had good results when I go there and never been treated badly. I like the customer service because he is honest, keeps me informed with a possible addition with the work and before he continues.

They were nice, friendly and fast, they didn’t make me wait a long time. They are also in a good location, they are right next to my work so I can drop my car off and walk to work.

They do good work by getting my vehicle to stop leaking.

I liked their service, I had to take my car back one time because it wasn’t fixed correctly and they fixed it right away. No one is perfect, they did their best and their customer service is very good.

I have gone to them for years, they took good care of my first car and when I got another car I asked them to treat it like my first one. One time we went there and they didn’t tighten up a valve seal and I came out the next morning and saw that my car had leaked oil, we called them and let them know and they came out with a bucket and cleaned up the garage of our condo. We weren’t mad but they came out and cleaned it up anyways.

They are competent, and can be a little on the expensive side. It seems that they always find more things wrong but guess it is their job, but they do let us know when they find more issues.

They have always been really good to me, they always fix my car, they are a friendly bunch of people they also remember my name and my car whenever I come in.

I like the work they do, you don’t have to go back more than once for the same problem, they are really cheap and I have been going there for years.

They did a good job and did it in a timely basis and charged me the price they quoted me.

They are always very thorough, and give me options on what to do they priorities very well and I have been a customer there for a few years now.

I’ve been taking my vehicles to these guys since 2004. Their ability to quickly diagnose and resolve even the most bewildering of car problems has been nothing short of amazing. Yes, they do cost a little more. But as others here have said, you get what you pay for. They are highly professional and their work is top-notch. I’d recommend them to anyone.