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United Automotive Tech center did an awesome job for me. My 2008 Ford Focus needed the cruise control turned on in the cars computer. Luther Ford in Fargo said no way, and if you want cruise we sell it in the parts shop for 400 dollars plus install labor. I said no my car has cruise on it, and you just need to tell the computer to enable it. All ’08 -’11 focus’s have cruise installed from the factory, all you really need to do is get a new steering wheel with the controls on it, so I did. Ford realized that they werent making money this way, so they told the service department to stop enabling the cruise because they want their $600. Well sorry you made a bad decision ford, its my car. And it appears that other people have the technology and know how. Thanks guys down at United Automotive tech center. Able to do more than the dealer will do! All the same tools, training, know how. Without the control of the vehicle manufacturer.


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United Automotive Tech Center is a locally owned Fargo, ND business that services and repairs all makes of vehicles, domestic & imported. All of United Automotive Tech Center technicians have been ASE certified.